Chad – ECTN Certificate

Please find below the regulation for Chad certificate.

What is ECTN?

With the administrative order dated January 3, 2013 all goods imported to Chad must have an ECTN certificate. The majority of the imports are done through Cameroon and this process doesn’t require Cameroon BESC certificate.

How can you get Chad ECTN?

Below documents are required:

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Freight invoice (if freight value isn’t specified on commercial invoice)
  3. Bill of Lading

How long does it take for Chad BESC validation?

The draft Chad certificate provided by our agency must be controlled and submitted for prevalition. After prevalidation we have the ECTN number that needs to be written on the BL and within the following 5 days validation has to be made with original copy of the BL. If validation fails within the 5 days, authorities cancel the ECTN number and require an application from scratch. If your shipment is transit via Cameroon you don’t need a BESC certificate for Cameroon..