Benin BESC Certificate

Benin bayrağı

Benin bayrağı

Information on Benin BESC certificate is provided below.

What is Benin BESC Certificate?

Based on ministerial decrees N°2006/060 of 28 of December 2006, and Arrêté Ministériel 2006, N° 038/MDCTTPU-PR/DC/SG/CTTM/CNCB/SA, all freights heading towards Benin require BESC certificate. Even though BESC certificate, also known as ECTN, is required, there is no requirement to mention the certificate number on the bill of lading.

How can you get a BESC Certificate?

These documents are required for BESC ECTN Certificate:

  1. Invoice
  2. Freight invoice, if the freight amount is not mentioned in the Invoice
  3. Bill of lading

How long does it take to get approval?

The draft that is created after issuing the certificate is checked and submitted to approval. This process usually takes a few days, but a period of a week should be expected in planning.

If your freight transits Benin, you need to get a BESC certificate. In this case, for a freight that is transferred to Niger via Benin, you would need to get certificates for both Niger and Benin. For the procedure of countries that are mainly used for transit freights, you can click on the name of the country: Niger, Burkina Faso.


The responsibility to get the ECTN/BESC certificate is on the shipper. Transports without a certificate are penalized.