Senegal BSC – Tracking Note

Senegal Bayrağı

Senegal Bayrağı

For all exports to Senegal, BSC number should be written on the bill of lading, and the bill should be approved. Port of Dakar of the Republic of Senegal is an important hub location for Western Africa. If your freight is transferred to Mali via Senegal, you also need to get BSC certificate for Mali.

Senegal BSC Procedure

The following documents are required for your BSC application:

  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the consignee

How long does it take to get the BSC certificate?

As the approval process is conducted in the main office in Dakar, it takes about a week to get approval. If the vessel has not been to Senegal, it has to be registered to the system, which makes the process longer.

What is Orbus?

Customs Bureaus of Senegal implement a single-counter procedure; import and export declarations are completed on a single platform. The certificate we issue in your name and our declaration is compared with the Orbus declaration of your importer. Therefore, Orbus number is mandatory in all BSCs.