Madagascar BSC – Loading Certificate

Importing to Madagascar requires a Madagascar BSC (Cargo Tracking Note) for seamless customs clearance and to sidestep penalties. As the exclusive authorized agent, SCK Representation is your go-to for these essential certificates. Simply submit the needed documents or complete the form yourself — we handle the rest. While processing typically spans a few days, we recommend allocating a week for thorough preparation. Avoid delays and extra charges by securing your Madagascar BSC with SCK Representation.

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Madagascar is an island country located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. It is the fourth-largest island in the world and is known for its diverse wildlife, including lemurs, and its unique plants and culture. The capital and largest city is Antananarivo. The official language is Malagasy, and the population is around 27 million.

For successful shipments to Madagascar, acquiring a BSC certificate at least 3 days before declaration submission is crucial, with submission required 5 days before the vessel arrives in Customs territory. Non-compliance means cargo will be returned to its origin.

Leveraging industry expertise and a solution-driven methodology, SCK Representation stands as the singular guide and aide for exporters needing to issue certificates, including the Madagascar BSC. Ensure smooth customs clearance by partnering with us for your certification needs.

How can you get a Madagascar BSC Certificate?

You need to submit the following documents in the application for the BSC certificate:

  • Bill of Lading (Application can be made with a draft copy. Original will be needed for validation)
  • Commercial Invoice (Issued to the name of the final consignee and incoterm, payment terms, H.S. codes for each item and origin of goods must be noted)
  • Freight Invoice (it is not necessary if the freight value is indicated on Commercial Invoice)
  • Packing List (Container numbers and gross & net weights for each container & name and address of the shipper/consignee must be noted)
  • Customs Declaration

To start the certification process, you should share PDF copies of the documents through There is no need to send hard copies for the issuance of BSC certificates. However, please be sure to share the final documents, which will not have any more amendments later in the process. Madagascar BSC certificates cannot be revised after validation.

BSC Madagascar Registration

All importers and exporters that ship to Madagascar need to register on Malagasy. We do this registration in all of the BSC certificates we provide, so get your BSC from SCK Representation quickly and safely.

Are there any additional requirements for the issuance of a BSC certificate?

Importers should have registration on the platform and present their system account number and name to start the certification process.

As indicated earlier, the documents have to be issued with the above details and presented to complete the validation process.

  • The commercial Invoice must be issued to the name of the final consignee. Incoterms, payment terms, H.S. codes for each item and the origin of goods must be noted on the document.
  • The packing list must have a gross and net weight per container with their number. Also, the names and addresses of the shipper/consignee must be indicated on the document.

All these requirements mentioned above have to be fulfilled for the validation of the certificate.

For more information and document samples, please contact our team via

How long does it take to get approval?

The draft copy of the certificate will be issued in a day if all mandatory documents are provided and coherent. The certificate will be submitted for validation once we receive your confirmation on the draft and the payment. The approval for verification is usually received in a day. However, as all the approvals are handled in the main office in Antananarivo, the process may take about a week.

Can I make amendments to a validated Madagascar waiver document?

No, Unfortunately, once validated, the BSC certificate to Madagascar cannot be revised in any way. You will need to explain the reason for the change at the destination customs.

Can I use the same BSC number for various shipments?

No, BSC is unique and limited to a single shipment. Every cargo needs its own BSC number that has been verified.

Are there any exemptions for cargo to Madagascar that don’t need the CTN/BSC Certificate?

A CTN certificate is not required for shipments to Madagascar that are valued at less than 100 EUR.

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