Guinea Bissau ECTN / CEE Certificate

Gine Bissau Bayrağı

Gine Bissau Bayrağı

Since 08/08/2011, Guinea Bissau ECTN is an enforced (Cargo Tracking Note) requirements. This certificate is required to clear the cargo from the port without any problems. This certificate should be obtained by the importer.

Certificate Name: CEE

Other names that are frequently used: CTN, Electronic Loading Certificate

CNCG representatives control this certificate in ports of discharge, and fine the freights without CEE up to 200% of the expenses.

How do I get Guinea Bissau ECTN?

The documents required for this certificate are:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice

You can contact us for further information and certificate applications.

You can access the order by the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau on certificate requirement from this link.