Sierra Leone ENS Number and BSC Certificate

For your shipments to Sierra Leone, SCK Representation is here to help you obtain the necessary ENS number and ACD declaration. We make the process easy and fast! All you need to do is provide the required documents, and we will take care of the application process, or you can simply fill out the form yourself. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your shipments are correctly documented and cleared for import into Sierra Leone. Avoid delays and potential penalties by working with SCK Representation for your Sierra Leone ECTN needs.

Sierra Leone is a country located in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The capital and largest city is Freetown. The official language is English, and the population is around 7.9 million. Sierra Leone has a diverse culture with influences from the indigenous tribes, European colonizers, and the African diaspora.

Since 2015, all freights require getting an ENS number also known as a CTN or BSC and making ACD declaration. At the latest five days prior to the vessel’s arrival, the BSC certificate must be verified. Shipments that arrive without a BSC or with a BSC that contains incorrect information will be charged twice as much for the certificate as well as an additional fee set by the national port officials of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone ENS Procedure

The following documents are required for your ENS number application:

  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the consignee
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the sender

How long does it take to get the ENS Number?

It takes about a week to get approval as the approval process is conducted in Port of Freetown. Therefore, we recommend that you have the ICTN number mentioned in the approved certificate written on the bill of lading. In addition, as systemic defects and infrastructural issues may result in delays, we recommend that you make your application following the day of loading.

What is BSC?

BSC – Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison is another name for a waiver document also known as a ECTN.

Do I need to get a BSC certificate if my shipment is in transit through Senegal to Mali?

A shipment with a final destination of Mali in transit through Senegal only needs to get a BSC certificate for Mali.

Can I use the same BSC number for various shipments?

No, BSC is unique and limited to a single shipment. Every cargo needs its own BSC number that has been verified.

How do I apply for a BSC document for Senegal If I have an LCL shipment?

You can apply for a certificate with a Master Bill of Lading if you are shipping LCL to Senegal. A House Bill of Lading cannot be used to apply for a Senegal certificate.

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