Democratic Republic of the Congo FERI – Freight Certificate

Demokratik Kongo Cumhuriyeti FERI

Demokratik Kongo Cumhuriyeti FERI

Democratic Republic of the Congo’s FERI Certificate (Fische Electronique de Renseignement à I’importation) is a certificate required for clearing imports. The procedure started to be implemented with the decree numbered 011/18 on 11/04/2011.

Procedure for Democratic Republic of the Congo FERI Certificate

FERI can be issued with the following documents:

  • Original copy of the bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Application form

What is FXI?

The GUICE reference is called FXI and is a progressive number given to the importers when opening their Import license. Therefore, insertion at origin of FXI number will enable to verify correct execution of importation’s tasks from the importer at destination and prevent delays and extra charges.

The Process

Exporting companies should have their FERI certificates approved up to 5 days before the ship enters the territorial waters of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This period is tracked from the manifest and is important to avoid any delays. We recommend you submit your application immediately after the ship’s departure. We can only see the FERI number in the certificates that are paid for and approved. As required by some letters of credit, we recommend you have all FERI numbers written on the bill of lading. If you do not have a FERI, you will be asked to pay for it at the point of destination, and is fined with 20% of the freight cost. (409/021 – 23th March 1992) For freights via Eastern African countries, which is common for cities in the eastern part of the country, such as Lubumbashi, FERI certificate is also required.