Djibouti ECTN Certificate

Shipping to Djibouti and in need of an ECTN (BESC) certificate? SCK Representation is here to assist! All you need to do is send the required documents or fill out the form yourself, and we will handle the rest. Ensure smooth customs clearance and avoid penalties. The process usually takes a few days, but it’s best to allow a week for planning. Don’t risk delays or additional fees – get your Djibouti ECTN from SCK Representation today.

Djibouti is a country situated in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia to the west and southwest, and Somalia to the southeast. The Gulf of Aden lies to the east, providing access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The capital and largest city is Djibouti City. The official languages of Djibouti are Arabic and French. With a population of approximately 1 million people, Djibouti is a diverse nation with various ethnic groups, including the Afar and Issa Somali communities.

Djibouti ECTN

Djibouti Ports and Free Zone Authority has decided to apply the ECTN procedure for shipments heading to or leaving Djibouti ports. 

It will be mandatory as of June 15th, 2023, and should be obtained from the port of loading by the shippers, exporters, or freight forwarders. The ECTN number must also be written on the bill of lading.

The freights not covered by a loading certificate will be penalized at the destination port. “SCK Representative” remains available to fulfill certificate requests for your goods to Djibouti.

With experience in the sector and a solution-oriented approach, “SCK Representation” is the only guide and assistant for exporters to issue certificates, including Djibouti ECTN (BESC) certificates.

How can you get an ECTN Certificate for Djibouti?

You need to submit the following documents in the application for the ECTN certificate:

  • Bill of Lading 
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice

To start the certification process, you should share PDF copies of the documents through [email protected]. There is no need to send hard copies for the issuance of ECTN certificates. Please be sure to share the final documents, which will not have any more amendments later in the process. A penalty fee will occur for the modifications after validating the certificates.

How long does it take to get approval?

A draft copy of the certificate will be issued in a day if all mandatory documents are provided and coherent. The certificate will be submitted for validation once we receive your confirmation on the draft and the payment. The approval for verification is usually received in a day. However, the process may take about a week.

For more information and document samples, please contact our team via [email protected].

Who is responsible for obtaining the ECTN Certificate?

The shippers, exporters, or freight forwarders are responsible for getting the ECTN document.

Can I use the same ECTN number for various shipments?

No, ECTN is unique and limited to a single shipment. Every cargo needs its own ECTN number that has been verified.


The responsibility to get the ECTN/BESC certificate is on the shipper’s side. Transports without a certificate are penalized, and the shipper will be responsible for the loss.

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