Egypt ACID Number

You can apply to SCK Representative for ACID applications to all your shipments to the Arap Republic of Egypt. According to the law approved on April 1 2021, the exporter must get the ACID number to apply for all shipments to Egypt.

ACID is ‘Advance Cargo Information Declaration ‘. ACID is also known as ECTN, which is Electronic Cargo Tracking Note.

Which documents are needed for the Egypt ACID certificate?

For the Egypt ACID certificate below documents are required: 

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice in excel format.
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin

After you send all the required documents to in pdf format, we will proceed. No need to send the original documents. We can change the documents at any time during your application.

The Egyptian authority doesn’t give the draft or certificate directly; the application ends with uploading the documents.

How long it takes for the approval of an ACID certificate?

Approving an ACID certificate takes a few days if your documents are correct. But all documents need to be right and matched. Also, The Egypt authority only works on weekdays.

How goes the approval process for an ACID certificate?

The ACID process has different stages.

During the process need to use the Egyptian authority’s interface. We do every step of your application for you. First, we create an account with your firm information and then complete the process through your account.

After your account’s approval by the Egyptian government, we will give you the I.D. in the Egyptian interface, and you need to share that I.D. with your consignee.

Your consignee needs to note the I.D. number on the documents he provided from Egypt. During this step, documents have to be completed and matched.

After receiving the ACID number, documents will be uploaded to the interface and await approval. After the approval, your application is closed by uploading the documents to the interface.

Will my application be approved if there is unmatched information between the documents?

There should be no unmatched information between the documents. The interface doesn’t approve the documents if there is any unmatched information.

Can I use the ACID number many times? For example, do I need to get the ACID number for the next cargo?

You need to get the ACID number again for your shipment. Every ACID number is linked to one bill of lading and its documents.

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