Burkina Faso – ECTN / URN

burkina faso ectn

burkina faso ectn

Burkina Faso – ECTN / URN 

ECTN certificate is an obligatory document for shipments to BURKINA FASO. It is declared by the N°09/395/CBC/DG document on 30/10/2009. 

As in other countries, to control the traffic and plan the transportation of imported goods, Burkina Faso also started implementation of ECTN certificate. 

What are the necessary documents for Burkina Faso ECTN certificate? 

  • Bill of lading 
  • Commercial invoice 
  • Freight invoice (not necessary if remarked in the commercial invoice) 
  • Pink slip/Grey slip (for RORO shipments) 

ATTENTION! Please note that Burkina Faso is a landlocked country. So we remind you that it is better if you check beforehand if any other certificate is necessary for the country of arrival port. However, Shipments transit Togo and Benin require a BSC certificate, shipments transit Ivory Coast does not require. 

What is the URN number? 

URN stands for “Unique Registration Number” which is written on the ECTN certificate. That is to say the number of the certificate. And it should be written on the bill of lading. 


SCK Representation was founded in 2003 to issue Angola shipment certificates. We are very proud that today, in Turkey, SCK Representation is the only authorized/official agency of transporter council in many West African countries. We issue shipment certificates for exported goods in 19 African countries. We are the one and only authorized agency issuing SCK certificate which is used as a synonym of the shipment certificate. Shipment certificate as called in different names (BSC, ECTN, FERI, BIETC) helps your consignee/importer to clear goods from customs without any problem and obstacles. With our experience and agency network, our crackerjack personnels are always ready to help you. Necessary information to obtain certificates can be found under the flags of each country as separately. 


When SCK was founded in 2001, our only objective was to issue shipment certificates. Even though the experience we had in the course of time created the attraction for us in some sectors such as foreign trade consultancy, international transportation etc… We did not conduct business in any other sector to avoid conflict of interest. 


All of the 19 African countries, which require shipment certificates, lay down as mandatory provision of bill of lading, freight invoice and commercial invoice. In addition to these, some of the countries may, also, request custom declaration and some other documents. It has vital importance for us to keep and protect privacy of client information, commercial values of the goods even if that means to restrict our colleagues/personnel to access information. To defend the rights of the shipper, related councils of African countries sign contracts, which comprise heavy articles, with the agencies. 

You may have business with other agencies abroad or outside of our agency’s region. At this point you can reach out to us to check if those agencies are official/authorized or not.