Republic of Congo ECTN / URN Number

Kongo ECTN

Kongo ECTN

According to Congo ECTN regulations, for all shipments to Republic of Congo (Pointe Noire) you should get an ECTN certificate.

  • Loading certificate
  • Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons [BESC]
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Note [ECTN]
  • URN Number
  • Waiver

are other names used for this document.

Failing to comply with regulations will result in penalties and delays at the port of discharge relative to the cargo value and freight value.

Congo ECTN Procedure

Below are the required documents for ECTN certificate

  • Original copy of the Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight invoice, if the freight amount is not mentioned in the Invoice
  • GUOT document (must have TI-xxxxx code.)


  • ECTN should be validated and URN number must be generated with in 5 days of departure

What is GUOT?

GUOT is the acronym for single window customs system used in Republic of Congo. Import declarations are matched with ECTN documents in order to validate and confirm the values on documents. Validations are permitted only if ECTN matches the values in GUOT.