Gabon BIETC Certificate

Gabon Bayrağı

For your exports to Gabon (Libreville, Port-Gentille) it is obliged to acquire Gabon BIETC certificate (Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons) by the Government of Gabon and CGC (Conseil Gabonais des Chargeurs). You must have a validated certificate on time so that your shipment can be worth the actual price. If you hesitate to obtain the certificate and do not apply then it is inevitable that you and your customer will face heavy penalties to clear the goods from customs which may reach up to the worth of the goods exported.

How can you get the Gabon BIETC Certificate?

The following documents are required for Gabon BIETC Certificate

  • Bill of Lading (Application can be done with a draft copy. Original will be needed for validation)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice  (it is not necessary if the commercial invoice is including the freight value)
  • Custom Declaration

You should share PDF copies of the documents through to start the certification process. There is no need to send hard copies for the issuance of BIETC certificates. Please be sure to share final documents which will not have any more amendments later on in the process. 

Application for the BIETC certificate should be done by the shipper before shipment. The shipping line must be informed with the BIETC number to indicate it on the bill of lading.


There is a validation deadline for Gabon BIETC certificates depending on the departure country. Details are indicated below.

Shipments from African countries, 5 days including the vessel departure date.

Shipments from European countries, 10 days including the vessel departure date.

Shipments from American and Asian countries, 15 days including the vessel departure date.

BIETC certificate must be validated within the deadline. There will be a penalty of 100% of the freight manifest if the export is completed without a validated certificate.

How long does it take to get approval?

Our team should be informed as soon as the shipment details are clear to let them release the invoice. The payment needs to be completed in advance for the release of the BIETC reference. The certificate will be reserved for shipment. Once all required documents are provided, a draft of the BIETC certificate will be shared with the applicant. Our team needs confirmation on the draft and original bill of lading copy. Afterwards, the certificate will be submitted for the approval of the Gabon CGC authorities. This process usually takes a few days, but a week should be expected in planning.

Is it possible to complete the process if there is a mismatch on shipment documents?

All the details on documents have to be the same to get a validated copy of the certificate. Otherwise, the certificate will be rejected by the authorities and you will be asked to revise documents to receive a validated copy. There will not be validation until you supply coherent documents. In between, you also need to provide them before the validation deadline.


The responsibility to get the BIETC certificate is on the shipper side. Transports without a certificate are penalized and the shipper side will be responsible for the loss.

This page is for your information only, and the procedure may change according to your loading details. Controls are conducted according to the effective regulations of that time.