Do you need an Angola CNCA/ARCCLA document for your shipment to Angola? SCK Representation can help you get your reference number validated quickly and efficiently. Simply send us the required documents or fill out the form yourself. Our team of experts will handle the rest and complete the approval process in a few days.

Angola CNCAAngola is a country located in southwestern Africa. It is bordered by Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, and Zambia to the east. The capital and largest city is Luanda. Angola has a population of about 30 million people and the official language is Portuguese. The country has a diverse culture influenced by indigenous tribes, European colonizers, and the African diaspora. Angola is rich in natural resources, including oil and diamonds.

A CNCA loading certificate is required for all marine cargo to ports in Angola like Luanda, Lobito, or any other port. It’s also known by the abbreviations ARC Number and CNC. ARCCLA (Agencia Reguladora de Certificação de Cargas e Logistica de Angola) has authorized the use of the CNCA Loading Certificate (LC), which was established as a rule by the Angolan Customs Officials in 1994.

Which documents are required for Angola ARCCLA / CNCA?

The following documents are required to issue a CNCA certificate:

  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • Freight invoice (If freight value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • Application form (We can fill this form on your behalf)
  • Import License (D.U. – Documento Unico) – required since 10/02/2015

All documents should be legibly scanned and sent via e-mail.

How long does it take to get approval for an ARCCLA / CNCA certificate?

As the approval process is conducted in Istanbul at our office, It takes a couple of days after completing the application.

A sample ARCCLA document is below for reference.

What is a D.U. document? Sample Angola D.U. document

You can click below to see a sample D.U. document. The importer provides a D.U. document for each shipment obtained from the ministry. Please make sure to get the D.U. document from your importer before you apply for an ARCCLA document.

What is CNCA?

Since January 28, 1994 (per Decree No. 19/94), all commercial exports to Angola must have a CNCA certificate (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores), which is a Loading Certificate (L.C.).

What is the difference between ARCCLA Certificate and CNCA Certificate?

They are the same document under a different name. CNCA became ARCCLA after a merger inside the Angolan government offices. 

Is it legal to export a tractor made in 1988 to Angola?

Yes. Angola authorities have no restrictions on the age’s of heavy-duty vehicles that can be imported into the country.

Can you make changes to a CNCA certificate for Angola that has already been validated?

It depends on the country from which it was loaded and we may be able to change it in some circumstances. But this takes authorization from the Angola office and may take a couple of weeks before the certificate is validated with the correct information. Therefore we recommend you validate your certificate with the correct information.

Do temporary shipments to Angola require a D.U.?

Temporary cargo to Angola does not require a D.U. document, but it must be identified as such in the invoice or B.L.

Can the shipment in Angola be released without the original hard copy of the CNCA?

The importer must present the original hard copy CNCA certificate to Angolan officials before the cargo can be released. Every other country that requires waiver certificates to be included with inbound freight only wants a copy of the document. However, the importer in Angola won’t be able to clear the products if you don’t submit the original certificate.

Can I use the same CNCA/ARCCLA number for different shipments?

No, CNCA/ARCCLA is unique and limited to a single shipment. Every cargo needs its own CNCA/ARCCLA number that has been verified.

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