Nigeria CTN Certificate

ECTN for Nigeria is not Mandatory at this point

ENS is the former and invalid shipment certificate for Nigeria.

It is predicted that towards the end of 2019, with the joint initiative of the Nigerian government and PORT council regulations CTN will be decided to become effective again.

What ENS and ACD Document?

  • ENS stands for Entry Summary Number.

  • ACD stands for Cargo Pre-declaration.

Necessary documents for Nigeria BSC

  • Bill of lading

  • Commercial invoice

  • Freight invoice (if not included in commercial invoice)

You can apply for Nigeria CTN with these documents.

What happens if I wouldn’t have the CTN certificate for export to Nigeria?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Here is the answer…

  • The entry of goods to Nigeria custom is impossible

  • Will face penalties such as demurrage

  • Trade will be problematic for the importer and cause disputes between exporters and importers

  • Will face the loss of profit in terms of goods value, transportation expenses.

How long does it take to get a BSC certificate for Nigeria?

With the help of our agency, you can have CTN for Nigeria presumably in 1-5 workdays. This timeline also depends on your document’s legibility, clarity, and accuracy. With the complete documents, you can have a Cargo tracking note in 1 day. With incomplete documents, the average timeline for the process might be extended. Adding the revision and regulation process and time of the documents will make it between 7-14 working days to get CTN.

Nigeria Ports and port code information

There are 2 big and 6 small in total of 8 ports in Nigeria.

Big Ports

  • ONNE Port – NGONN

  • Port Harcourt – NGPHC

Small ports

  • Calabar Port – NGCBQ

  • Koko Port – MGKOK

  • Port of Lagos – NGLOS (in the capital city)

  • Little Onne port – NOFNN

  • Sapele Port – NGSPL

  • Warri Port – NGWAR