You can safely and quickly obtain your African Waiver Certificates (ECTN or BESC) from the authorized agent.

We proudly and officially represent most of the shippers’ councils since 2001 in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe. You can quickly submit your ECTN application to us to quickly get your valid document and reference number.

Our References

We proudly meet all ECTN needs of industry-leading organizations.

What Did They Say About Us On Google?

Mahmoud Mansour
5. June, 2023
It’s great to show my admiration for this wonderful team. Thank you SCK for all you do. I wish you more and more success.

Mahmoud Mansour

Noa Lecaude
11. April, 2023
Great service and even better communication overall. The staff is very accommodating, respondive and helpful.
8. Kasım, 2021
We get Senegal BESC certificate from them. Fast and undoubtedly the best service we ever got.
Ayman Kayem
12. March, 2023
I have been using SCK for 2 years now and the service is always efficient and on time. I like that I can get replies to inquiries even on the weekends and holidays.
14. Nisan, 2022
Web sitesi oldukça anlaşılır. Her detaya yer verilmiş ve böylece tüm sorularıma cevap alabildim. Müşteri temsilcileri de çok ilgiliydi. Hiç bir mailim cevapsız kalmadı. Herkese teşekkürler.
Mahmood Lahhak
29. Aralık, 2021
One of the best service which i have seen to get ECTN.Perfection and of Luck.Wish you Happy New Year to SCKTR Group.
Esra Doğan
1. March, 2023
BSC sertifikasını yeni öğrenmiş biri olarak ekibin ilgisi ve desteği sayesinde işimiz çok kolaylaştı. Teşekkür ederiz:)
Burak Sarıbal
24. Şubat, 2021
Firma personelinin sağladığı profesyonel ve samimi hizmet sayesinde, iş görüşmelerimi adeta kendi şirketimde yapıyormuş hissine kapıldığım ve bu sayede görüşmelerimde tam verim almamı sağlayan SCK Temsilcilik ailesine teşekkür ederim.
Lucas Fernández
16. Mart, 2021
Impeccable service, fast and efficient. Very helpful people dedicated to the African Waiver business. They provided the required certificate in no time, always solving my doubts during the process. I totally recommend them.