Cameroon BESC Certificate

Information on Cameroon BESC certificate is provided below.

What is a BESC Certificate?

Based on the ministerial decree issued on 2006, numbered 00557, all freights heading towards Cameroon should have BESC certificates. (article nº 4 de l´arrêté ministériel de la République du Cameroun, année 2006, nº 00557 portant instauration du BESC) These certificates are issued by 7 agencies worldwide. Turkey and the Middle East area is the scope of authority of SCK Agency. The certificate is called ECTN in its original language (French), as well as in English.

How can you get the BESC Certificate?

The following documents are required for Cameroon BESC certificate:

  1. Invoice
  2. Freight invoice, if the freight amount is not mentioned in the Invoice
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Transaction number / Import declaration (Provided by the importer)

How long does it take to get approval?

The draft that is created after issuing the certificate is checked and submitted to approval. The approval is usually received in a day. However, as all the approvals are handled in the main office in Douala, the process may take about a week.

If your freight transits Cameroon, you do not need to get a BESC certificate. BESC is only required for import goods. For the procedure of countries that are mainly used for transit freights, you can click on the name of the country: Chad, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo.

Transaction Number is effective as of the year 2017. Please contact your importer to get your transaction number.