Central African Republic ECTN

Orta Afrika Cumhuriyeti Bayrağı

Orta Afrika Cumhuriyeti Bayrağı

Information on CAR / Central African Republic ECTN is provided below.

CAR has ECTN requirement.

You can get your ECTN certificates for your freights heading towards the CAR from SCK Agency. If your freights are carried by sea, the ECTN regulations of the host country of the port should be further referred to. Even though Cameroon is the port country closest to the CAR, you would only need to get CAR ECTN as Cameroon does not require transit freights to have a BESC.

No changes can be made on the certificate after issuance.

The draft certificate sent to you should be thoroughly examined. Any changes on the certificate can be made with proper documentation and additional processing fee.

After the freight arrives at the customs, authority to make any changes belongs to the local authorities.

Declaration should also be submitted for CAR ECTN.

The necessary documents for ECTN:

  1. Invoice
  2. Freight invoice
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Customs declaration

This page is for your information only, and the procedure may change according to your loading details. Controls are conducted according to the effective regulations of that time.