Africa’s Main Imports


Africa mostly relies on foreign electronics industries to provide its need for electronics like televisions, radios, and other devices. As more and more civilizations increasingly gain access to energy, the need for electronics keeps rising. Eight out of ten electronic products that are present on the African continent, to be precise, are supplied by China. This trend will probably certainly continue to increase as Africa continues to urbanize.


The African market’s need for chemicals like bituminous materials, mineral waxes, mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products of their distillation has greatly surpassed the continent’s ability to produce them. Due to the nation’s current rate of industrial growth and the general need of its growing population, these goods must be imported.


Over the past ten years, the automotive industry in Africa has grown significantly. Due to a rapid urbanization rate and economic expansion across many nations, vehicle imports into Africa are at an all-time high. As more and more people move from low-income to middle-class professions, demand for both personal and commercial vehicles keeps slowly increasing. Even though most import businesses in Africa continue to focus to wealthy customers who can afford expensive models and brands, importers are increasingly starting to target the middle class by bringing in used automobiles from China and Japan.


Africa used to export a lot of agricultural products to other parts of the world. However, the pattern has lately shifted, and the continent is now heavily dependent on imported grains like rice, corn, and wheat. Numerous issues, such as the rapidly growing population, inadequate infrastructure, poor management of local agricultural firms, and the rise of the middle class, are to blame for this enormous demand for food. Food imports make up over half of all imports to the continent.

Machinery & Engineering Products

Because Africa lacks a strong, broad industrial foundation, the majority of products, including machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, and their parts, cannot be manufactured there. Due to Africa’s growing urbanization, these engineering and mechanical products are the raw resources needed to produce other goods. Industrialized countries like China and India sell the majority of engineering and machinery to Africa.

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