Do Not Share Documents.

When Applying For A Certificate, Make Sure Not To Share any Documents Other Than The Required Ones With The Authorized Agency

When SCK Agency was established in 2001, it was only issuing freight certificates. Over time, even though we have developed expertise in sectors such as foreign trade consultancy and international transportation, we decided not to extend our scope of business in order to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Observe document confidentiality.

All of the 19 countries in Africa that implement certificate requirements require submission of bills of lading, freight invoices, and invoices. Some countries have additional document requirements such as customs declaration. We pay special emphasis on keeping confidential valuable information such as client profile and commodity prices. In this respect, we make sure that every person included in the process, including our personnel, has limited access to our clients’ documents. This is also a requirement imposed by the related authorities of African countries with strict rules included in contracts with agencies with an aim to advocate the rights of shippers.

For freights that have operational processes to be handled abroad, you may need to work with companies out of our area. For these cases, you can contact us to make sure that the company you will share your documents with is an authorized agency. We would be glad to help you.