Required documents for FERI freight certificate

In order to make sure that they handle their businesses more easily and completely, we kindly ask our exporters to provide us with the pieces of information listed below. Please download this spreadsheet, and you will be able to organize the information to be submitted to us. Please make sure to add the BL number to the end of the filename before sending it to us.

Below are listed the required fields in this form. The reason why we request you to fill in this form is to make sure to minimize the chances of error in the process of issuing your certificate.

  • Name, address, fax and phone numbers of the exporter
  • Name, address, fax and phone numbers of the importer
  • Company name of FERI requester (Forward Agent)
  • Scanned copy of the bill of lading
  • Vessel name, voyage number, ports of loading and clearing, estimated dates of arrival and departure
  • If necessary, IMO class
  • Commodity description
  • Origin of the commodity
  • Quantity of containers
  • Commodity’s volume, net and gross weights
  • Mode of transport (FOB, CIF, …)
  • FOB value
  • FOB value of the goods, basic freight value, freight additions (BAF, CAF, congestion etc.), and insurance amount in EUR or USD
  • Payment method of the freight (prepaid, collect)

You can call us anytime for your questions about filling in the OGEFREM FERI Application Form

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