Cargo Tracking Notes Overview

What Are Cargo Tracking Notes?

Several African countries require formal loading documentation known as the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN). Your goods, their movement between ports, and the transit period are all fully described in the CTN certificate. Prior to the goods arriving at the port, any cargo to the country requiring CTN must be accompanied by the CTN certificate. With CTN certificates, destination port authorities can have all necessary information before shipments even arrive, enabling your products to be prepared for customs clearance.

Why Are CTN Certificates Important?

Port authorities claim that the CTN’s purpose is to dramatically lower risk and offer accurate assessments of imported goods, their shippers, importers, and other information. In a number of African countries, exporters are required to notify customs authorities of the specifics of shipments before they arrive.

The Marine Customs Authorities have access to information on the exporter and importer, shipping route and techniques, type and value of the cargo, and the value of the freight through the CTN certificate, also referred to as a waiver document. Remember that exporters must provide the required paperwork before the shipment gets to its destination.

Customs officers receive security assurance and shipment tracking from the loading paperwork before the package ever gets to the port of discharge. With the use of technology, each country can save statistical data for use in logistical monitoring in the future. When shipping or arriving without a CTN certificate, the destination port may impose hefty fines.

Required Cargo Tracking Note Depending On The Country

There are many CTN certificates, depending on the country in which the discharge occurs. These certifications are essentially the same thing under different names. Because of this, every country needs a unique waiver certificate that pertains to its own laws and specifications.

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