Certificate requirement for freights transported to Mali with transit

Mali has started to implement certificate requirement. Cargos to Mali usually transit via Senegal. Please make sure that you get your certificate in such freights.

Required documents:

BESC (Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons) is a compulsory document for any shipment with final destination in Mali. Every BL which covers cargo destined to Mali, must be covered by a BESC, to allow cargo to be carried from POD to Mali border control and for the consignees to clear their cargo when entering Mali. This control will be implemented by the Exclusive Representative at POD Satralog who will clear the BESC and permit the on carriage of the goods to Mali. In case the shipment is not covered by a BESC, Satralog will issue a regularisation BESC at a maximum rate of five times the one at the origin in order to allow on carriage of the goods to Mali. For the first three months of this new procedure, the penalty the issuance of the BESC at the same cost than the one at origin.

You can contact us via sck@scktr.com for your questions.

You can access the circular letter issued by Malian Government from this link

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