How is BSC regulation in Niger different from that of Other?

What is a BSC certificate?

All shipments to Niger must include a BSC as a loading document. CTN is another name for it.

What is the procedure of the Niger BSC?

Any cargo that has been acquired from outside the country and is being transported for commercial, business, and, in some cases, diplomatic and personal purposes must have a BSC. The shipper or freight forwarder must get the BSC certificate from the authorized representative.

Why do Niger authorities use CTN? What are its benefits?

The BSC certification grants the port control and contributes to the port’s improvement in terms of safety and cleanliness. With a BSC certificate, you can also access the cargo’s contents.

How do you ship your cargo to Niger? What’s the difference from other BSC procedures?

Although Niger is not a maritime nation, you can still deliver your goods there. You can export your goods to neighboring countries like Benin and Togo, however, there will be additional shipping fees. In addition to obtaining a BSC (CTN) certificate for Niger, you also need to do so for the transit countries of Benin and Togo where your cargo was carried in order to get to Niger. For updated information and more details, email

Required documents:

  • Bill of Lading: A draft copy can be used for the draft.
  • Commercial Invoice – Incoterm, reference, and the date have to be mentioned.
  • Freight Invoice: It is necessary if the freight cost isn’t on the commercial invoice.

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