Libya ECTN Number and Certificate

Libya Bayrağı

Libya Bayrağı

Starting on 01/10/2015, all freights heading towards Libya require getting an ECTN. You can get your ECTN number and certificate from SCK Agency.

Libya ECTN Procedure

The following documents are required for your ECTN application:

  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Export declaration


  • ECTN number is provided only after the certificate is approved.
  • The certificate has to be approved within 5 days after the submission of the original copy of the bill of lading. Otherwise, the ECTN is automatically discarded and the fee is not reimbursed.
  • Any changes on the approved certificate can be made after paying a correction fee of 75 EUR.

How long does it take to get the ECTN number?

Libya conducts all the approvals in Antwerp office. The approval process usually takes 3 days. As the transit period in Libya is short, ECTN applications should be made shortly.

Due to the political uncertainty in Libya, there are some ports that apply ECTN, and some ports that do not. Please contact our team for the latest information.

The Libyan Ministry of Finance and the Customs Department has appointed SCK Representation to manage its Electronic Cargo Tracking Notes (ECTN) platform.

This will allow Libya’s ministry of finance to:

  • Access detailed coverage and live data of the nature of the goods entering Libya’s ports,
  • Access to data declared at the origin to certify cargo/freight values declared during the import procedure;
  • Have steady and reliable income from outside of country
  • Predict cargoes flux for harbour operation optimisation;